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We design and build WordPress websites. WordPress offers an exceptional workflow and ease of maintenance like no other. With a simple visual builder, keeping your website up to date is a breeze with out the need for coding or clunky back end systems. Thousand of themes and plugins allow you to find new customers with a remarkable online browsing experience. Find out about WordPress Websites Tauranga today.
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wordpress websites tauranga

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very common topic in the world of website design. WordPress isn’t like many other privately owned and developed platforms. WordPress is an ‘open source’ product which means the code for the software is able to be developed and improved by a large community. The size of the WordPress community and all the supporting software such as third party plugins and themes make WordPress a great option to engage in cost and time efficient builds. With WordPress websites you aren’t locked in to any one website hosting provider as the websites are very simple to migrate. There are many WordPress websites Tauranga businesses use to create leads or sales to supplement their business.  

Can I make my own edits to my WordPress site?

You can! We develop WordPress sites with software which will allow you to log in and make changes directly on the page you want to edit. This is great because there is no coding, no complex back end dashboard to wrap your head around. 

We find that some of our clients like to get on and edit text, add images & videos. So the way we build WordPress websites is done in a way that it is simple to make changes and easy to learn for the less technological minds. 

How much do WordPress websites cost?

When it comes to creating WordPress websites for Tauranga businesses, we take on the project with a can-do attitude. We’ll start off with a website design meeting where we will learn about your goals, and requirements for the website. This will allow us to provide a proposal and quote so you know the what the investment will be up front.

The costs will vary greatly between projects. There are many ways to start a build, we can find a great template (many WordPress websites Tauranga companies use are built by starting with a template) and build upon that, we can start from scratch with a custom solution. It all comes down to what is required to meet your end goals and functionality from the website. Most WordPress websites we build range from $2,000 – $5,000 in cost.

 There are many factors that influence costs. This can be things like themes, plugins for certain integrations and functions, or any custom code required to fulfil your requirements. We try to offer multiple options where possible as there are many ways to accomplish one task. Get in touch today to kick off your online journey!

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