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Urgent Enquiry

We are currently out of office with intermittent access to our emails.
If you require assistance for an urgent matter, eg, website crashes/errors, legal takedown actions, etc.
Please fill out the form below and it will be passed onto to both ourselves and our contingency team.

We will be checking in on emails occasionally, but may have limited access to internet and/or cell reception in the South Island.
Our contingency team have access to our systems for any issues that may arise during our absence. If it’s something that can wait until we’re back on the 27th of October, we will see your email then and we’ll tend to it once back in the office.

Elle & Joel – Webbros

  • Please tell us what the issue is, how to replicate it (if applicable) and where to find it (if not obvious), this information will be sent on to our contingency team as we are currently out of office.
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