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3 Simple Search Engine Optimisation Tips – Lets generate that traffic!

I receive a lot of writing from my clients. Mostly exceptional testimonials! but on the odd case I’ve been known to ask for blurbs, about us descriptions and general website content relating to the page I’m optimising. I’m often asked if the content that is sent through for sites is “good enough”.  For the most part the content is great, but there are a few really simple tips you can do with your website content to create better search engine ranking and work towards conversion optimisation – making sure your traffic is converting into clients (read more here). So let me share 3 Simple Search Engine Optimisation Tips (SEO) Anyone Can Do.


Write Relevant Content:

My first simple search engine optimisation tip is aimed at creating content for SEO or pages for your website, think about the way people would search for your services and incorporate this language into your content. For example if you were the owner of “Dave’s Bakery” and you were writing your about us page, in typical writing it may look something like:

“Dave’s has been baking cakes for 25 years and knows the ins and outs of the business”

Where as when writing for SEO we want to go for the more relevant and more targeted keywords your potential customers will be searching. So the same sentence could look something like this:

“Dave is a local baker who has specialised in baking the best wedding cakes for 25 years”

See what we done there? Just by putting commonly searched phrases used by your target audience you are opening more doors for google.


Update Your Site Regularly:

I know, I know, you “don’t have time” and “it slips your mind”… How about you make time, and set a reminder because humans get bored of the same old… Google knows this and takes into consideration how often your website is updated with fresh relevant content.

Fresh content could be anything from updating your services menu and adding pages, to writing a weekly or monthly blog post relative to your product or industry. We have a small list of a few ways to keep your site content fresh:

  1. Update your pages or the way your text is structured. As your business grows so should your website. This is a great excuse to create fresh content.
  2. Introduce the team! Write quirky bio’s for your team members and have them upload a mug shot. This will not only create fresh content but will also humanise your website.
  3. Blog and or news feed! Let the people know you are active in the community. Share your latest reviews, how-to’s and what promotions you have running this month. It’s all relevant and it stimulates engagement. While you’re at it share the post on Facebook, incoming traffic is great for the search engines (and the soul).
  4. Make an FAQ section. Do you find your enquiries often contain a few common questions? Like; “how long will delivery take?” or “how do you accept payment?” Put all these into an FAQ. This will speed up your customer experience while providing them with the information they need to make a purchase decision. You may even learn something about your target audience and what information they deem important before purchasing your product – don’t forget, knowledge is power!
  5. Update your testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for testimonials. Even the bad ones are beneficial (you don’t have to put them on your site, but you can learn from them.) Don’t piggy back off a testimonial you received 5 years ago. Your business has evolved since then, it’s time to use more relevant case studies and testimonials when you get the chance.

As you can see when it comes to content creation you are only limited to your imagination. Different industries will have different opportunities for content creation. It’s up to you (or me if you choose to hire any of my wonderful services) to be original and industry specific. But go wild! Show people something to remember your website by. Which brings me to number 3…



Make it Linkable.

The last of the simple search engine optimisation tips is all about how linkable your content is! If you can create valuable content which people can link to, from external websites such as forums, social media, and other websites in relative industries, Google will rank your web page higher based on the “authority” of the site which the traffic is coming from. For example. If Dave the local baker created a blog post that was a recipe with  relevant content to his baking industry, and Food Magazine shared the link to the blog post on their website (wow! tips 1, 2 and 3! go dave!) this would increase that pages authority in Google’s eyes. This is because we have a large website with 1000’s of unique daily views all interested in the food industry landing on Dave’s recipe blog post. So the post becomes relevant by association, ultimately resulting in a higher search engine rank.


Now that I’ve created my fresh, relevant, linkable content for the week I’m going to bed! I hope you enjoyed your simple search engine optimisation tips! Stay tuned for a walk through of our next search engine optimisation case study.

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